Pet Food Assistance

ElderPet provides pet food on a regular basis to income qualified, responsible pet owners – preference to seniors and those who are affected with disabilities. This food assistance is meant to help and not necessarily be the sole source of pet food for any individual owner.  This food will then be delivered or dropped at a predetermined location. As of 2018, we deliver to Dover, Rochester, Somersworth, Durham and Newmarket. If a person lives outside this area and needs delivery, ElderPet can sometimes work out another arrangement.   

There is an application process to receive this food assistance. Download here:  Pet Food Application (pdf)

Important Information

  • Owners must provide proof of income eligibility. 
  • ElderPet can only help those with 1 or 2 pets.
  • All pets must be spayed or neutered.
  • Pets must have a regular veterinarian.
  • Kitty Litter is not provided.

Please note:  If an owner does not qualify for ElderPet assistance or has an emergency need, some community food banks have pet food and several area animal shelters also have pet food assistance programs.

Source of Pet Food

This pet food is either donated or purchased monthly using donated funds.  ElderPet only provides food brands that may be purchased in a grocery store or Walmart but we try to provide what the pet is used to.  

To Donate to Pet Food Assistance Program

To know our preferred pet food brand needs, click here.

If you have pet food to donate, please call and we can make arrangements to pick it up. Contact info is in the footer at the bottom of the page.

Gift cards to Walmart or grocery chains are always welcome!