When anyone volunteers for ElderPet, he/she automatically becomes a member.  Most of our members are Pet Partner handlers with the remainder being our service volunteers. There is no charge for membership.

Our community service volunteer members are people who deliver pet food, help with pet related services or serve as part of the crowd for our Pet Partner evaluations. To learn about volunteering, click here.

Handlers who pass the Pet Partners evaluation and register with Pet Partners are also invited to become members.

Pet Partner Team membership in ElderPet includes:

  • Becoming part of our email list and receive notifications about new facilitiy requests, upcoming evaluations, and other events
  • Discounted registration for Pet Partners because of ElderPet's Community Partnership
  • Minimal charge for our renewal Pet Partner Evaluations
  • Opportunity to purchase ElderPet embroidered items locally
  • Assistance and advise by other members, evaluators and instructors as needed

All members are invited to our volunteer appreciation events.

Note: ElderPet will periodically update the sidebar on this page with different member profiles. Please check back. If you are a member, send us your story and photo!