Special Thanks

Follow the links to learn more about each organization.

Pet Partners - ElderPet is a Community Partner of Pet Partners. All of our volunteer therapy teams are Registered Pet Partner Teams!

Durham Public Library - Provides their Community Room for Workshops and Team Evaluations.

Employer Matching Empoyee Giving- ElderPet has been a recipient of the Employee Giving Program through Benevity. A big thank you to all employees who chose to donate to ElderPet!

Speakeasy Casino at the Governor's Inn - We have been recipients of NH Charitable Gaming Proceeds for 10 nights for several years.

It Takes a Village Dog Walking Club - ElderPet was the recipient fof their February - April 2020 fundraiser for or medication Assistance program. This club has morphed into the Golden Dog Adventure Company.

Midnight Riders - The Midnight Riders hosted a very successful golf tournament to benefit ElderPet in the fall of 2021.


ElderPet has received grants and donations from the following three organizations to provide pet food and veterinary care loans and assistance.

Petco Foundation - "We are family, too" Program.

ASPCA - For Pet Food Bank and Veterinary Care Safety Net

Banfield Charitable Trust - Funds for Pet Food and Veterinary Care Loans for Senior Citizens

Newburyport Bank Charitable Trust - Funds for our outreach programs.

PetCo Love- Funds from their Access to Care program for our outreach programs.

Community Members - Many people from the local remember ElderPet during holiday season. Donate!



Other Resources

The Benefits and Obligations of Owning Pets for Seniors

AVMA Public Resources Pet Owner Information

Pet Food Recalls from the FDA

Important Documents of Interest to Pet Owners

Responsible Pet Ownership, color

Responsible Pet Ownership, b & w

Pets are very important to seniors - for companionship and health. At the same time, pets are a big committment to an owner's time, energy and finances. Choosing to obatain a pet is a big decision. The brochures above outline considerations a responsible owner should take for a pet.

Low Cost Pet Care Programs These are statewide.

Pet Alert Card

This is a pdf document that is best printed on card stock. It contains a wallet card that alerts whoever finds it to the fact that the bearer has a pet at home that needs care and who to call should something happen to them. The second part is a card to be posted on the refrigerator listing the care and medications that pet needs.

Recommendations for Comprehensive Information to Leave Regarding Pet Care

NH Law Concerning Pet Care Trust

A pet owner may leave a trust for care of their pets.

Durable Power Of Attorney for Pet Care

This is a legal document where a pet owner can assure care of pet(s) in case of death.

Human Emergency Information Cards